Sustainable development policy


The long-term development strategy of ROTOR Sp. z o. o. Sp. K. takes into account the conduct of a wide-ranging policy of sustainable economic development by promoting social progress and taking into account aspects of environmental protection in the investment decisions made by the Company.


Sustainable development, as one of the most important values of our company, means that we expect all suppliers and business partners to also implement the principles of sustainable development. The above idea is popularized mainly through appropriate marketing activities and a clearly defined supplier selection procedure, taking into account the goals and assumptions of the pro-ecological policy.


We believe that employees are not only ambassadors of ecological solutions, but also the driving force behind changes in the workplace.

for the environment

Always and everywhere
We care for the environment

One of the overarching goals of our company is to conduct business with respect for the natural environment. Our investment activities take into account the use of the latest solutions with a positive impact on the environment.

We use modern and energy-saving machines and devices. We draw energy from the sun - thanks to the installed photovoltaic panels.

We believe in
Pro-ecological attitude

The pro-ecological attitude of ROTOR and the sincere commitment of employees are consistent with all relevant laws and regulations in the field of environmental protection, which we jointly strive to comply with and promote.

Applying the adopted attitude ECO is implemented through


We confess
The principle of non-discrimination

In order to ensure equal participation in economic development for all persons, the entirety of the company's activities in the field of management and development of human resources is carried out on the basis of the principle of non-discrimination.

The issues of promotions, remuneration, access to training, professional development and recruitment of new employees are carried out regardless of gender, age, race, disability or belief

We respect
Labor and human law

ROTOR departments in which we work are subject to thorough control in terms of employment of minors, compliance with health and safety regulations and occupational hygiene.

We take care of
Competency development

Human work has a key impact on the quality of the offered products and the production process, which is why the development of competences and employee involvement is a priority for us from the point of view of building a competitive advantage.

We make every effort to provide all employees with access to training, training materials and facilitate the development of competences.


"We invest in the community in which we operate."

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We sponsor
Gryf Wejherowo

ROTOR is the sponsor of the men's football team - GRYF WEJHEROWO

We strongly encourage you to follow the games and keep our fingers crossed for the successes of our team!

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