Using 40 years of experience and the latest technology, it produces one of the best woodworking tools in the world.


FREUD - Italian manufacturer of professional woodworking tools.


Kanefusa is a Japanese manufacturer of knives and circular saws for woodworking, metalworking saws, diamond saws for the ceramics industry and other cutting tools for various materials that the customer would like to cut.


Bosch professional blue power tools are made for top-class work. They meet the highest requirements for power, precision and durability and guarantee professional results.


We manufacture and supply a wide range of high-quality tools for all segments of the woodworking industry - diamond tools, carbide-tipped tools, solid carbide spiral tools, and replaceable blades.


Festool is a total solution provider for the carpentry industry and offers a complete system of solutions for painters.


The assortment offered by FABA SA is primarily the design and production of technologically advanced cutting tools with polycrystalline diamond (DP) and sintered carbide (HM) blades.


The product range of Globus is very wide. A large part of them are tools made to individual customer orders, mainly from the offer of wood and metal saws, knives, blades and cutters.


The crimping technique created by BESSEY is primarily high quality and innovation, thanks to which the work of clamps becomes faster, more efficient and, above all, safer.


PIHER, based in the Spanish city of Logrono, has been a European expert in the production of clamps and spreading tools for over 50 years. Our offer includes, among others: carpentry clamps, welding clamps, locksmith clamps, angular clamps, suction cups, supports.


Virutex is one of the leaders in the production of woodworking machines and tools.