Measuring tools


Mitutoyo Polska offers the most modern measuring devices and metrological solutions.


G25 products are carefully selected tools that are produced for us by domestic and foreign companies according to the highest standards.

Format Tools

FORMAT is a partner in the work of an increasing number of professionals. They made sure that FORMAT tools meet high quality requirements and increase the profitability of their production.


The Stanley Works, Inc. (Stanley) is an American manufacturer and supplier of high-quality hand tools, doors, clamping systems, storage systems and hydraulic components for professional, industrial and amateur use.

PRO - spirit levels

The PRO company is the largest and leading producer of spirit levels and bricklayers in Poland, celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2011.


Global supplier of measuring technology, ball guides and gear dosing pumps as well as mixing and dosing technology.


Czech producer and supplier of high-quality precision measuring tools.


Renishaw jest światowym liderem w dziedzinie produkcji precyzyjnych urządzeń metrologicznych i technologii do systemów medycznych. Projektuje, opracowuje i dostarcza rozwiązania i systemy o niezrównanej precyzji, niezawodności i wydajności.