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Business D'Andrea SpA. is a world leader in the production of high-quality precision accessories for machine tools. Since its inception in 1951, D'Andrea has been implementing technological solutions that fully meet the requirements of the modern mechanical industry.

D'Andrea offers high-tech products for planning, boring, milling, tapping and drilling operations.

At the company's headquarters in Lainate near Milan, as well as at the factory in Molise (near Rome), all products bearing the D'ANDREA logo are manufactured, including: the well-known system of precise modular tool holders MODULHARD'ANDREA (MHD), family of monolithic, classic holders toolholders (MONOd ') as well as a line of tool holders with high clamping force and precision of tool clamping (MONOFORCE). Here, too, are manufactured numerically controlled heads for facing and boring lines TA-CENTER, TA-TRONIC, U-TRONIC, U-COMAX, as well as mechanical AUTORADIAL boring heads.

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